what body type am I? discovering body types

Are you one of those people who strive hard and do everything that is necessary to lose body weight but never see any body changes after using several products? Many people want to lose their body fat but they don’t even know as to what type of food they are going to eat and what exercises they are going perform.

When it comes to physical fitness, you are going to decide first on what to eat, how and what type exercise you are going to take in order to achieve the amazing result you want to happen. Aside from that, you have to set realistic and attainable goals which you can finish in the due time. For instance if your goal is for quarterly basis only, you have to finish it in that certain period of time in order to know if there is an improvement or none.

Furthermore, before you start any of the plans you should know first your body type in order to know the best diet for you to achieve your desired body size. There are many different body types which is commonly called as the Somatotyping in the year 1930 which is being created by Dr. William Sheldon. This information may help to answer for you, what body type am I?

The three major body types:

1.Ectomorphs. The ectomorph body types are very rare to be found in the society. In most cases, they are lucky enough because they have the privilege to eat whatever they want without destructing their body figure. They usually dump all calories as their body heat and they can able to tolerate high amount of carbohydrates without gaining body fats ,however, they have difficulty in building muscles in their body. They only need a little bit of exercise if they want to maintain their muscle mass. Only, they have to be careful in their daily intense exercise because this might cause damage to their lean muscle. If you want to work hard just to gain more lean muscle mass, you have to be consistent in your training and keep up with the high calorie diet.

If you are under this category, you need not to skip even a single meal and you must be in high calorie diet. This means that you have to eat a lot of carbs in order to have more energy reserve while doing the exercise. You should also include this healthy fat food like flax oil and nuts in your diet. And the most important to in performing this diet is to have at least half of the calories needed in our body from the carbs diet.

2.Mesomorphs. People with This body type are considered “lucky “for they don’t need to strive hard to do the workouts in order to gain body muscle as well as to lose body fat. When it comes to building up more muscle in their body, they can make it in a short period of time unlike the endomorph body types. If you are one of these kinds, you can be a good athlete because you can perform your body building needed for your profession in less effort.

However, you still need to be careful in your health. You have to take care of your body as what endomorphs do because it is not a guarantee that if you have an ideal body type, you will no longer experience sickness at all. All types of the body are prone to health risk; therefore you have to discipline yourself.

3.Endomorphs. This type of body really needs a lot of attention. This body can immediately store large amount of body fat easily. Unlike the mesomorph body types, this is naturally has a slower metabolism. They are very sensitive to carbohydrates that make them hard to cut off fats in their body.

If you are this person, a need to have a proper and appropriate diet and exercises daily in order to cut off body fat is important. You have to take high amount of protein in your diet for a maximum of 55% calories and a 45 to 60 minutes cardio exercise every day in order to balance your body metabolism.

If you want to become successful in your physical fitness, you need to have the attitude of being determined in implementing your plans. It is a matter of patience and positive affirmation. You can only be rewarded with a healthy and active body if you practice eating right as well as exercising regularly.


driveway lighting is a route to backyard fun

We love to get full use from our backyard. We followed the advice, many years ago over at Space Heater Pro and got ourselves some patio heaters. They were one of the best investments we have made in a long time. They allow us to use our backyard comfortably long after others have retired indoors. It’s a good site with great advice about patio heaters and if you prefer, fire pits.

But here were are going to look at the approach to the house and making sure it is well lit but still welcoming. We propose to do this with the use of driveway lighting.

driveway lightsDriveway lighting is a wonderful way to provide additional security and safety in the front of your home as well as providing a nice ambiance and improving the aesthetics of your home when the sun goes down. Driveway lights come in all different shapes, styles, and power options which we will talk about in this article.

When choosing driveway lights remember that you do not have to have an intense beam of light over your driveway like a floodlight mounted above the garage door would provide, but rather just enough light to show you the way and help you avoid any obstacles that might have been left in the drive way.

One solution that a lot of people are turning to now days is to install solar landscape lighting along their driveway. Using solar landscaping lighting has several benefits including their ease of installation, with solar powered lights there are no wires to run, or extension cords to plug in. Everything is self contained, all you have to do is place them where you want them and your done. One other benefit is that they do not use any of your houses electricity so there is not any added electrical expense which is also a big plus.

Another common driveway light is using outdoor pole lights. Outdoor pole lights take a little more work to install than the solar landscape lights because for starters you will have to dig a hole several feet down in order to mount the post properly. Then if you want to install it the right way you will have to mix up and pour concrete around the pole in order to hold it firmly in place.

After you have your pole installed you have two options you can either install an electric outdoor pole light, in which case you will have to run electricity out to the pole which might require digging a trench to bury the electrical wire and also if you are not familiar with electrical you might need to hire an electrician.

There are simpler ways of installing outdoor pole lights though. My recommendation if you do not want to go to all that trouble and work, then I would consider looking into solar outdoor pole lights. Just like using solar landscape lighting there are no electrical wires to run, you just mount the solar light on your already installed pole and you are finished.

There are many options out there when it comes to driveway lighting. In this article we have only touched on a few of the many options, but if I were looking for driveway lighting solutions I would definitely look into solar lights. Just for one simple fact that they are incredibly easy to install and most home hardware stores offer a wide variety solar lights in all kinds of shapes and styles that will fit just about anyone’s driveway lighting needs.

plumbing basics: types of drains

Issues in the home relating to water can present a real headache. Having had my share of them in the past I thought I’d make a little note of what you should do in certain circumstances. I personally have had problems with hard water and found the site at homewaterwise.com useful. But water softening is not what I want to cover today. Today I thought I’d take a look at drainage.

One of the plumbing systems that is often overlooked and forgotten until problems are starting to occur is the drainage system. Too often, we fail to see that our drains are also important parts of the plumbing system until such time when the drains get clogged. There are two types of drainage lines and it is important that we know some basic information on them to maintain healthy and functional plumbing systems.

The first type is the main line. This is the drainage line that connects your home’s drainage system to the city’s main sewage system. This is usually the big pipe where your drain line is connected to. Take note that US laws require homeowners to maintain and repair this line. So it is advisable that when you are doing maintenance work on your home’s drainage system, you should include the periodic check ups on the main line. You will be able to find this line 6 to 10 feet below the ground underneath your property and will usually run underneath streets and city properties to the city sewage system. The depth may vary from place to place and it is compliant to the freeze line specification in the area that it is located.

The secondary line, which is the second drainage type, is the one that is located inside your home. These are the pipelines that are directly connected to your bath and shower floors, garage drains, and kitchen sinks. Basically, all drainage pipes that are in your home are considered secondary lines. These lines are the ones that will connect to your city’s main line. Of course, in this case, the homeowner is responsible for all maintenance and repairs of the secondary drain lines. It is advisable that you regularly check and perform maintenance on your drain pipes to avoid problems.

If you are not confident that you can do the repairs and maintenance on your own, be sure to ask the assistance of certified and licensed experts to ensure that your drainage lines will be at top working condition all year round.

time for you to “Get With It”: a guide to making pour over coffee at home

Pour over coffee first became a ‘trendy subject’ about a year and a half ago. Before then it was only really discussed by baristas, coffee roasters, and other active members of the specialty coffee community (myself included). Yet, even then, when we spoke about it I never thought about making it at home – I guess I just hadn’t tried enough of it to realize its potential and more than anything else, I had no idea how inexpensive and simple the entire process was.

Yes, it is very simple – and I will teach you how to make pour over coffee at home.

Get a Ceramic Dripper

Ceramic Dripper

The only purchase that you will most likely need to make is a ceramic dripper to actually brew the pour over coffee in. These are really inexpensive, I personally prefer the Hario v60 which can be purchased online for somewhere in the ballpark of fifteen dollars. It’s just a dripper, it doesn’t have any moving parts or complex mechanics so chances are you will buy one and it will last you a lifetime.

Set the ceramic dripper on top of a coffee mug. Put about twelve to eighteen grams of freshly ground coffee into a filter inside the v60 (or whichever pour over apparatus you choose) and boil water.

Once the water is heated pour it over the coffee grounds in a circular motion. I always pour counterclockwise. Does it matter?

Not at all.

Don’t Let it Overflow

The second time that I made pour over coffee with my Hario v60 I kept pouring the water so enthusiastically that I forgot to check the coffee mug and make sure that there was still room. I ended up pouring a little too much water and overflowing coffee all over my kitchen counter.

What a mess!

Learn from my mistake here, and lift the ceramic dripper every twenty or thirty seconds so that you can visually gauge exactly how much more of a pour you need. Some people actually preemptively measure the amount of water that they boil, which logically makes sense, but I don’t because I think it’s a waste of time – as long as I remember to lift the dripper and check my coffee cup.

Whichever way you choose is fine – and measuring the water beforehand is probably the best idea, I’m just letting you know that I don’t bother with it and I’ve only made a mess once.

Hopefully it stays that way.

Happy brewing!

the reality of qigong exercises and yoga

Many people around the world practices things like qigong exercises and yoga. Some do them as exercises, but more do them hoping to get supernatural power. While someone can easily lie to have extraordinary experiences when they did not, I can assure you that a good number of the reports of such happening are real. But before you try to know how to get more power, you should take a moment to learn about where these powers truly came from.

qigong-exercises1Many believe the existence of a world or dimension higher than the physical one. We cannot see or touch it but it surely is there. This is the spiritual realm. Human being is a spiritual being therefore we have the ability to sense this realm with our spirit. People had developed different ways to attempt to go into this realm for various reasons.

Same as this world we are living in, there are good and evil in the spiritual. The evil spirits came from Satan who is the leader of the devils, controlling countless demons. In other words, demons, evil spirits and devils are similar entities. They have personality, independent thought and action. There are men that belong to the devil. On the other hand, there is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes from the Most High God. The Holy Spirit is a person who is omnipresent and omnipotent. The Holy Spirit is God. In this world, there are also men who belong to God.

We must understand that supernatural power has to come from one of the two sources, God or the devil. If it was not from God, then it must be from the devil. Qigong has obvious nothing to do with the bible, we are sure to say that the background of qigong is evil spirit. Qigong is essentially a way to open yourself to accept demons into you. The demons might give you some supernatural power but eventually all this will destroy you.

Emei-Qigong-Practice.jpgThere are all kinds of spiritual activities in the world practiced by many. And they are the same thing in essence. Yoga from India, Transcendental Meditation from the US, Zen from Japan, Buddhism from Tibet, etc, are all from the devil. The main method in them is to get the human spirit to stop functioning. The meditation encourages people to void their mind so that the devil can easily attack the person’s deeper consciousness. This is a shortcut for the evil ones to get human spirits into slavery.

Every way to gain supernatural power of the evil one follows this principle. But the poor men who are kept ignorance of the truth are led straight to curses, death and hell. Only Jesus is their hope.

the best of Maui vacation rentals

Lahaina is a town rich in history located on the western shore of Maui. In the earlier days, it was one of the top whaling towns and at present, holds some of the best shops and art galleries in Maui. But Lanaiha is not only about shops and galleries, it is a hot spot for tourists who want to enjoy the sunny climate, white sand beaches and other activities that keep travelers coming every time.

Maui vacation rentals are favored by vacationers every time they need accommodations in Lahaina. The cheaper price and the facility makes their stay even more enjoyable in Maui. A maui vacation rental will provide you with the serenity you seek, here are some of the more popular ones.

Maui vacation rentals

Paradise Found is situated not far from the famous Front Street of Lahaina. It is a villa that is just a short distance from the beach, with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, spacious lounge, a private pool and a gourmet kitchen. This is perfect for families looking for ways to have a good time while saving much on expenses. The ocean view is simply amazing and other amenities include air conditioning and wireless internet access.

Makena Aloha Estate is a luxury home that caters to bigger groups. A home with 6 bedrooms and 5 baths is suitable for bigger family trips including a private pool and a jacuzzi. This is a gated estate to provide added security to the travelers. A two-bedroom cottage with one bath is also available on the property for those who want more privacy.

And lastly, Lahaina Dreams is an 11-acre estate very close to the beach and to the center of Lahaina town. The largest of the three, it has 7 bedrooms and 7 baths and can accommodate 14 people. Outdoor amenities include a 5-level waterfall and a gas grill for barbecue.

With hotel rooms averaging more than $210 a night and timeshare sales going down, vacation rentals offers much more to the budget of many travelers. Furthermore, they can enjoy better the luxury and privacy of Lahaina. You can also pick up great deals if you’re in the market for a vacation property, the number of people wanting thinking of ‘selling my timeshare‘ has been on the increase since the economy turned bad several years ago.

a day at the cemetery

If this was your average Indonesian cemetery, I wouldn’t last an hour here. But a Dutch cemetery, at more than two centuries old, replete with angel statues watching over the graves, well is there anything more romantic than that? (wait, don’t answer that, I can think of a few places more romantic already … but you get my point … right?).

Anyway, this time it was with the girls of the No. 1 Ladies’ Photography Club, all photography enthusiasts just learning the ropes. We were going to start at 7 a.m. to catch the warm morning sun, but then changed to a more realistic 9 a.m. start. Even then, when we finally started off it was already 11-ish, one of the girls had a domestic crisis to take care of before she could leave the house!

The first time I was here at Museum Taman Prasasti, if you remember was in July when I went with my tutor, and at the time I was a little wistful that I couldn’t spend more time there taking pictures. Surprise, surprise, when I came back on Thursday, that urge to take photographs of the place had greatly diminished! … Perhaps also due to the fact that the place was mosquito infested and I was wearing the wrong clothes (shorts and short-sleeved shirt) – fodder for the blood-thirsty insects!

So please take a look at the results here. And once again, please don’t hesitate to criticize.

it’s all birds

It is a determined man who visits Taman Mini Indonesia Indah’s (TMII) bird park early in the morning alone to hunt photos. There was one such man when I went to visit the park with my friend this morning. He was walking with his Canon DSLR around his neck all by his lonesome, taking occasional pictures when we were.

Yes, the bird park was my destination for the day, a very typical place to hunt photographs, nevertheless it’s a great place to practice shooting fast moving birds. I think the last time I went there was in my college days, also on a photo hunt, though I can’t now remember what camera I took that day (definitely film), or whether the results were any good (probably not).

So we arrived at TMII just before 8 a.m. and the park were full of early morning walkers doing a little shopping. Shopping? You ask? Well apparently there is a morning bazaar inside the park on Sundays, with vendors selling anything from plastic sandals, T-shirts, colorful toys, batik pyjamas, and food – of course food. I could have gotten loads of pictures just from people browsing the bazaar, but our destination was the bird park, so I saved my 8GB SD Card for that.

There were two bird parks at TMII actually, both can be accessed with one Rp 10,000 (about US$1) entrance ticket. The old one was opened in 1978 by then President Soeharto. There were no information on when the new park was opened. We went to the new park first, simply because it was opened much earlier than the old park. We also found, later on, that the new park have more variety and number of birds than the old park – which was being prepared to house Maleo birds from Sulawesi.

I had a sneaking suspicion that the birds at the park were already so over exposed, that most were actually preening and posing for shots. Take the peacock for example. When we came in, he never gave us a glance, even when we had our lenses trained at him. But lo and behold! When a group of local tourists came with their cameras and camera phone, out comes the fan-like tail … forcing us to come rushing back to get a shot too.

Take a look at the day’s results at my photoblog, and please do criticize. It is through your constructive criticism that I can improve, and I do so want to do better.

Photo hunting in Malang, East Java

Whenever I go back home to Malang, East Java, I am always back to being a child. It is inevitable – my parents sleep early, and I have to come home early so I don’t wake them up in the middle of the night to unlock the door for me, that also goes for callers who feels uncomfortable staying past 7.30 p.m., and I can’t drive myself around (first because I can’t drive, and second) because my dad has control of the car keys.

So it was really awkward last weekend when I came home to go hunting with my (brand new) Nikon D90. My dad drove my mom and I to the Klojen traditional market to pick up some fresh ground coffee, but when I went off to take photographs inside the market (admittedly very picturesque), my mom waited for me instead of doing her business. That and the fact that people were watching us made me give up the marketplace all together.

I would never get any photographs done if that kept on, so when we got to Jalan Semeru to pick up some pia, I took leave and said I would walk home alone.

So I went walking through Jalan Semeru, passed Jalan Bromo where I saw some elementary school children playing soccer, onto Jalan Kawi where I saw some people promoting for a new mobile phone number (0821). From there I went onto Jalan Ijen towards the Brawijaya Military Museum, pausing along the way to say hello to a woman cutting grass with a hair scissors (yes, I know! She said her boss was a bit stingy).

I’ve heard about the Brawijaya Military Museum being pretty impressive, but I must say I was a little disappointed with how they managed the displays. As the usual norm in museums across this country, it was more about storage rather than display, or even history. There were guns, tanks, punch-card computers, and even a train carriage, but little in the way of a storyline.

  • Death carriage: said to be one of three such carriages used by the Dutch to transport Indonesian rebel prisoners from Bondowoso Jail to Bubutan Jail in Surabaya in 1947. Some 46 prisoners died on the way because there was little air in the closed carriage.
  • De Soto: automobile belonging to Col. Soengkono for his official use as Commander of the 4th Narotama and Brawijaya Divisions between 1948 and 1950.
  • Amphibious Tracker: Amtrak used by 35 young patriots of the student military (TRIP Jatim TNI Brigade 17 Detasemen I) who died for their country defending Malang City from the Dutch Army during the 1st military aggression on July 31, 1947.

Not long after, my mom called to ask if I was ready to be picked up (yes, I know). So I finished my sightseeing at the museum and walked towards the church, also on Jalan Ijen, where I saw this man selling fermented fruits (Mr. Manisan). I bought some fruits and asked permission to take his photograph. After which we went to lunch at nearby Ikan Bakar Cianjur restaurant (hunger pangs). We were surprised when we learned that our bill had been paid by the people on the next table, who turned out to be a former student of my dad’s. A pleasant surprise that gave us free lunch!

After lunch, and while waiting for my dad to finish his class, I went around Brawijaya University. That was when I met some of the university’s Kenshi (Kempo athletes) practicing (practice, in formation, practicing kenshi). They very nicely let me take photographs while they practice. Unfortunately by that time, the sun had already begun its descent and I had to crank up the ISO to avoid camera shake.

I was lucky the next day that my old friend from senior high school had come home for his junior high school reunion. He accompanied me for some night-time hunting. We started our walk at Tugu, the war memorial that is the landmark of Malang city. It was the first time for me to shoot at low lighting and I found it difficult.

I didn’t want to crank up the ISO, and so had to use a tripod (thanks for the hand-me-down dad!). When there was still light, the memorial wasn’t all too “memorable” and I really didn’t know how to make it any better. My fumbles with the camera’s mechanisms also cost me some good opportunities – of men working on digging for Telkom’s cables is one. I also found that you need to practice with using the tripod even. Auto focus in the dark was bad, but even worse when I tried manual focus. The beautiful full moon keeps looking like it’s bleeding, and getting the right exposure to catch light trails seem an elusive goal (moon gazing, legendary). Ah, I’ve still got a long way to go.

Moving on to the center of the city – the alun-alun – I was very glad of the able company. Not only did Mas Heru provide good conversation, he also provided security and was useful in helping me set up (and carry) the tripod. Thanks Mas! I would never have had the guts to go up the pedestrian crossing to shoot Ramayana, or even ventured into the alun-alun itself to catch Saturday Night without him there. And seeing the two of us set up the tripod and take pictures, some foreign tourists also got up the courage to follow suit!

Anyway, that was my first venture with my (brand new) Nikon D90. I really hope to make better pictures as I get more familiar with the camera. I am definitely learning from reading the exif of the results. To help me progress, please criticize constructively!

the best part

I guess the best part about being a journalist was the travel and the meeting different people all the time. The personal stories you collect over the years, the connections you make in far flung places, it is quite amazing. I am not a very social person, but as a journalist I was forced out of my little shell and interact with all kinds of people – the business types, the politicos, the man on the street, everyone. Working in communications, this experience has been very useful for me, although I don’t meet as many diverse people now, which is a shame really.

I don’t miss the running around after “narasumber”, or phoning up sources in the middle of their massages (yes that happened, such a nice man to pick up the phone in the middle of it, on a weekend too!), but I do miss the human stories. I loved listening to people’s stories and getting it on paper. It doesn’t take much, everybody has a story they want to share and it only takes receptiveness to get it out. It was always a challenge to get something out of a famous person that had never been written before. Sometimes though, you find a person already so well publicized, but who are so ready to tell you his/her story, that it felt a little like giving them a blowjob. I hated it when that happens.

I also miss having someone call me up to ask whether “that street children group has a refrigerator at its basecamp?” and you just know that nice man is going to donate a fridge. Or that occasional phone call “will you write my biography?”

I’ve always said that if I don’t have a 9-to-5 job I’ll most likely procrastinate the days away … that may be true, but there is nothing I’d like better than to write the human stories … someday, when I no longer have a 9-to-5.