what body type am I? discovering body types

Are you one of those people who strive hard and do everything that is necessary to lose body weight but never see any body changes after using several products? Many people want to lose their body fat but they don’t even know as to what type of food they are going to eat and what exercises they are going perform.

When it comes to physical fitness, you are going to decide first on what to eat, how and what type exercise you are going to take in order to achieve the amazing result you want to happen. Aside from that, you have to set realistic and attainable goals which you can finish in the due time. For instance if your goal is for quarterly basis only, you have to finish it in that certain period of time in order to know if there is an improvement or none.

Furthermore, before you start any of the plans you should know first your body type in order to know the best diet for you to achieve your desired body size. There are many different body types which is commonly called as the Somatotyping in the year 1930 which is being created by Dr. William Sheldon. This information may help to answer for you, what body type am I?

The three major body types:

1.Ectomorphs. The ectomorph body types are very rare to be found in the society. In most cases, they are lucky enough because they have the privilege to eat whatever they want without destructing their body figure. They usually dump all calories as their body heat and they can able to tolerate high amount of carbohydrates without gaining body fats ,however, they have difficulty in building muscles in their body. They only need a little bit of exercise if they want to maintain their muscle mass. Only, they have to be careful in their daily intense exercise because this might cause damage to their lean muscle. If you want to work hard just to gain more lean muscle mass, you have to be consistent in your training and keep up with the high calorie diet.

If you are under this category, you need not to skip even a single meal and you must be in high calorie diet. This means that you have to eat a lot of carbs in order to have more energy reserve while doing the exercise. You should also include this healthy fat food like flax oil and nuts in your diet. And the most important to in performing this diet is to have at least half of the calories needed in our body from the carbs diet.

2.Mesomorphs. People with This body type are considered “lucky “for they don’t need to strive hard to do the workouts in order to gain body muscle as well as to lose body fat. When it comes to building up more muscle in their body, they can make it in a short period of time unlike the endomorph body types. If you are one of these kinds, you can be a good athlete because you can perform your body building needed for your profession in less effort.

However, you still need to be careful in your health. You have to take care of your body as what endomorphs do because it is not a guarantee that if you have an ideal body type, you will no longer experience sickness at all. All types of the body are prone to health risk; therefore you have to discipline yourself.

3.Endomorphs. This type of body really needs a lot of attention. This body can immediately store large amount of body fat easily. Unlike the mesomorph body types, this is naturally has a slower metabolism. They are very sensitive to carbohydrates that make them hard to cut off fats in their body.

If you are this person, a need to have a proper and appropriate diet and exercises daily in order to cut off body fat is important. You have to take high amount of protein in your diet for a maximum of 55% calories and a 45 to 60 minutes cardio exercise every day in order to balance your body metabolism.

If you want to become successful in your physical fitness, you need to have the attitude of being determined in implementing your plans. It is a matter of patience and positive affirmation. You can only be rewarded with a healthy and active body if you practice eating right as well as exercising regularly.


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