the reality of qigong exercises and yoga

Many people around the world practices things like qigong exercises and yoga. Some do them as exercises, but more do them hoping to get supernatural power. While someone can easily lie to have extraordinary experiences when they did not, I can assure you that a good number of the reports of such happening are real. But before you try to know how to get more power, you should take a moment to learn about where these powers truly came from.

qigong-exercises1Many believe the existence of a world or dimension higher than the physical one. We cannot see or touch it but it surely is there. This is the spiritual realm. Human being is a spiritual being therefore we have the ability to sense this realm with our spirit. People had developed different ways to attempt to go into this realm for various reasons.

Same as this world we are living in, there are good and evil in the spiritual. The evil spirits came from Satan who is the leader of the devils, controlling countless demons. In other words, demons, evil spirits and devils are similar entities. They have personality, independent thought and action. There are men that belong to the devil. On the other hand, there is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes from the Most High God. The Holy Spirit is a person who is omnipresent and omnipotent. The Holy Spirit is God. In this world, there are also men who belong to God.

We must understand that supernatural power has to come from one of the two sources, God or the devil. If it was not from God, then it must be from the devil. Qigong has obvious nothing to do with the bible, we are sure to say that the background of qigong is evil spirit. Qigong is essentially a way to open yourself to accept demons into you. The demons might give you some supernatural power but eventually all this will destroy you.

Emei-Qigong-Practice.jpgThere are all kinds of spiritual activities in the world practiced by many. And they are the same thing in essence. Yoga from India, Transcendental Meditation from the US, Zen from Japan, Buddhism from Tibet, etc, are all from the devil. The main method in them is to get the human spirit to stop functioning. The meditation encourages people to void their mind so that the devil can easily attack the person’s deeper consciousness. This is a shortcut for the evil ones to get human spirits into slavery.

Every way to gain supernatural power of the evil one follows this principle. But the poor men who are kept ignorance of the truth are led straight to curses, death and hell. Only Jesus is their hope.


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