driveway lighting is a route to backyard fun

We love to get full use from our backyard. We followed the advice, many years ago over at Space Heater Pro and got ourselves some patio heaters. They were one of the best investments we have made in a long time. They allow us to use our backyard comfortably long after others have retired indoors. It’s a good site with great advice about patio heaters and if you prefer, fire pits.

But here were are going to look at the approach to the house and making sure it is well lit but still welcoming. We propose to do this with the use of driveway lighting.

driveway lightsDriveway lighting is a wonderful way to provide additional security and safety in the front of your home as well as providing a nice ambiance and improving the aesthetics of your home when the sun goes down. Driveway lights come in all different shapes, styles, and power options which we will talk about in this article.

When choosing driveway lights remember that you do not have to have an intense beam of light over your driveway like a floodlight mounted above the garage door would provide, but rather just enough light to show you the way and help you avoid any obstacles that might have been left in the drive way.

One solution that a lot of people are turning to now days is to install solar landscape lighting along their driveway. Using solar landscaping lighting has several benefits including their ease of installation, with solar powered lights there are no wires to run, or extension cords to plug in. Everything is self contained, all you have to do is place them where you want them and your done. One other benefit is that they do not use any of your houses electricity so there is not any added electrical expense which is also a big plus.

Another common driveway light is using outdoor pole lights. Outdoor pole lights take a little more work to install than the solar landscape lights because for starters you will have to dig a hole several feet down in order to mount the post properly. Then if you want to install it the right way you will have to mix up and pour concrete around the pole in order to hold it firmly in place.

After you have your pole installed you have two options you can either install an electric outdoor pole light, in which case you will have to run electricity out to the pole which might require digging a trench to bury the electrical wire and also if you are not familiar with electrical you might need to hire an electrician.

There are simpler ways of installing outdoor pole lights though. My recommendation if you do not want to go to all that trouble and work, then I would consider looking into solar outdoor pole lights. Just like using solar landscape lighting there are no electrical wires to run, you just mount the solar light on your already installed pole and you are finished.

There are many options out there when it comes to driveway lighting. In this article we have only touched on a few of the many options, but if I were looking for driveway lighting solutions I would definitely look into solar lights. Just for one simple fact that they are incredibly easy to install and most home hardware stores offer a wide variety solar lights in all kinds of shapes and styles that will fit just about anyone’s driveway lighting needs.


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