a day at the cemetery

If this was your average Indonesian cemetery, I wouldn’t last an hour here. But a Dutch cemetery, at more than two centuries old, replete with angel statues watching over the graves, well is there anything more romantic than that? (wait, don’t answer that, I can think of a few places more romantic already … but you get my point … right?).

Anyway, this time it was with the girls of the No. 1 Ladies’ Photography Club, all photography enthusiasts just learning the ropes. We were going to start at 7 a.m. to catch the warm morning sun, but then changed to a more realistic 9 a.m. start. Even then, when we finally started off it was already 11-ish, one of the girls had a domestic crisis to take care of before she could leave the house!

The first time I was here at Museum Taman Prasasti, if you remember was in July when I went with my tutor, and at the time I was a little wistful that I couldn’t spend more time there taking pictures. Surprise, surprise, when I came back on Thursday, that urge to take photographs of the place had greatly diminished! … Perhaps also due to the fact that the place was mosquito infested and I was wearing the wrong clothes (shorts and short-sleeved shirt) – fodder for the blood-thirsty insects!

So please take a look at the results here. And once again, please don’t hesitate to criticize.


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