it’s all birds

It is a determined man who visits Taman Mini Indonesia Indah’s (TMII) bird park early in the morning alone to hunt photos. There was one such man when I went to visit the park with my friend this morning. He was walking with his Canon DSLR around his neck all by his lonesome, taking occasional pictures when we were.

Yes, the bird park was my destination for the day, a very typical place to hunt photographs, nevertheless it’s a great place to practice shooting fast moving birds. I think the last time I went there was in my college days, also on a photo hunt, though I can’t now remember what camera I took that day (definitely film), or whether the results were any good (probably not).

So we arrived at TMII just before 8 a.m. and the park were full of early morning walkers doing a little shopping. Shopping? You ask? Well apparently there is a morning bazaar inside the park on Sundays, with vendors selling anything from plastic sandals, T-shirts, colorful toys, batik pyjamas, and food – of course food. I could have gotten loads of pictures just from people browsing the bazaar, but our destination was the bird park, so I saved my 8GB SD Card for that.

There were two bird parks at TMII actually, both can be accessed with one Rp 10,000 (about US$1) entrance ticket. The old one was opened in 1978 by then President Soeharto. There were no information on when the new park was opened. We went to the new park first, simply because it was opened much earlier than the old park. We also found, later on, that the new park have more variety and number of birds than the old park – which was being prepared to house Maleo birds from Sulawesi.

I had a sneaking suspicion that the birds at the park were already so over exposed, that most were actually preening and posing for shots. Take the peacock for example. When we came in, he never gave us a glance, even when we had our lenses trained at him. But lo and behold! When a group of local tourists came with their cameras and camera phone, out comes the fan-like tail … forcing us to come rushing back to get a shot too.

Take a look at the day’s results at my photoblog, and please do criticize. It is through your constructive criticism that I can improve, and I do so want to do better.


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