Dreams come true

It only took a matter of days for my latest wish to come true.
It was the end of the Idul Fitri holidays and I was reluctant to go back to Jakarta and to work. Well, what do you know, only half a day back at work when my holiday was extended to another three days … extended by my doctor that is, who ordered me to rest until the acute respiratory tract infection (ISPA for my Indonesian friends) that was causing all the coughing, wheezing, ear ringing, throat flaming, bone aching and flashing head pains, improve.

This brought to mind my other wish that came true.

I remember dreaming of a little house all of my own, where I can home each night from work. It doesn’t matter that the house was dark when I get home, because it would be all mine, and I could do whatever I want in it. It would have to be small so I could maintain it on my own. I wouldn’t be lonely there at all since it would be my home, my palace, my refuge, and I didn’t want to share this luxury with anyone … at least not for a couple of years.

Three years ago I got myself a nice property on the outskirts of Jakarta. It’s all mine. And when I come home from work each evening the lights are always on — I made sure to install a light-sensored bulb on the front porch!

God has an odd sense of humor, and we mere mortals are never satisfied with what we have.
Be careful of what you wish for.


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